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Mechanisms and Interactions of Climate Change in Mountain Regions

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Prof. R. Quinn Thomas, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation, Virginia Tech, USA

Research Interests:

  • What are the dynamics of coupled nutrient cycles, and how do they impact terrestrial ecosystems and climate?
  • How is nitrogen deposition altering forest dynamics, carbon sequestration, and climate?
  • How do we scale ecosystem processes across time and space?
  • How do we use observational and experimental data to improve ecosystem models and ecological forecasts?
  • How do we best represent ecosystem processes in global models that predict forest-climate interactions?
  • How can we manage forest ecosystems to mitigate climate change, especially focusing on carbon, nitrogen, water, and energy balances of the forests?
  • Earth System and ecosystem modeling

Selected Publications:

Thomas, R. Q., S. Zaehle, P.H. Templer, and C.L. Goodale. 2013. Global patterns of nitrogen limitation: Confronting two global biogeochemical models with observations. Global Change Biology 19: 2986–2998.

Thomas, R. Q., G. B. Bonan, and C. L. Goodale. 2013. Insights into mechanisms governing forest carbon response to nitrogen deposition: a model-data comparison using observed responses to nitrogen addition. Biogeosciences 10: 3869–3887.

Thomas, R.Q., C. D. Canham, K. C. Weathers, and C. L. Goodale. 2010. Increased tree carbon storage in response to nitrogen deposition in the U.S. Nature Geosciences 3: 13-17.