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Mechanisms and Interactions of Climate Change in Mountain Regions

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Prof. Dr. Richard Grant

Professor of Agronomy at the Agronomy Department,
Purdue University, IN, USA 

Research Interests:
• Trace gas emissions
• Turbulent transport
• Canopy structure
• Heterogeneous surface fluxes

Selected Publications:
Schäfer, K.; Grant, R.H.; Emeis, S.; Raabe, A.; von der Heide, C.; Schmid, H.P. (2012): Areal-averaged trace gas emission rates from long-range open-path measurements in stable boundary layer conditions. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 5:1-13.

Grant, R.H.; Johnston, C.T.; Boehm, M.T. (2011): Estimation of NH3 emissions immediately following land application of anhydrous ammonia using a scanning FTIR. In: Proceedings, Annual Meeting, Air Waste Management Assn., Orlando, FL.

Grant, R.H. and Boehm, M.T. (2010): Measurement of methane emissions from an anaerobic lagoon using horizontal-scanning OP-TDLAS and a backward-Lagrangian Stochastic Model. In: Proceedings, Annual Meeting, Air Waste Management Assn., Calgary, Canada.

Grant, R.H.; Boehm, M.T.; Wolf, J.M.; Lawrence, A.J.; Cortus, S.D. (2008): The use of open-path Tunable Diode Lasers in the measurement of ammonia around open sources. In: Proceedings, Symposium on Air Quality Measurement Methods and Technology, Air and Waste Management Assn., Durham, NC. (CD)